Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ahoy-hoy, just letting you all know I've updated the blog. I've added a tab containing my current workout. It's a 3 day agonist/antagonist split and I highly recommend it for intermediate lifters. I've had awesome strength and hypertrophy gains on it and trust me, this one will wreck you.

I've also added a "Nutrition" tab which I will write up the basis of my diet in the next couple of days. It will cover everything from key factors in getting to sub 10% body fat to stacking on lean mass in a hurry. 

So bookmark and/or follow this page... THIS SHIT'S JUST GETTING STARTED!

 Above picture is more recent than other pictures, I went on a small bulk and put on a couple kilo's of lean mass (as well as a little body fat to keep it company :s )

PS: excuse my spastic face

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