Current Workout

My current routine is based on a 3 day agonist/antagonist muscle group split.

  • Exercises labelled with the same letter are super set E.G A1 is super set with A2
  • The numbers following the exercise are number of sets by number of reps E.G 4x8 is 4 sets of 8 repetitions
  • The numbers in brackets that follow each exercise denote rest time between that exercises and the next one

Day 1: chest/back
A1: Bench Press 5x5 (90)
A2: Neutral Grip Weighted Chins 5x5 (90)
B1: Incline DB Press 4x8 (0)
B2: Cable Cross Over 4x12 (60)
B3: Lat Pull down 4x8 (0)
B4: Reverse Grip Pull down 4x12 (60)

Day 2: Abdominals and stretching (rest day)

Day 3: Biceps/Triceps
A1: Close Grip Bench Press 5x5 (90)
A2: EZ bar Curl 5x5 (90)
B1: EZ bar Skull Crushers 4x8 (0)
B2: Rope Pulldowns4x12 (60)
B3: Overhand Cable curl 4x8 (0)
B4: Underhand Cable cur l4x12 (60)

Day 4: Legs
A1: Box Squat 5x5 (90)
A2: Hamstring Curl 5x5 (90)
B1: DB Back Stepping Lunge off Step 4x8 (0)
B2: Leg Press 4x12 (60)
B3: Romanian Deadlift 4x8 (0)
B4: Back extension4x12 (60)

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The beauty of this routine is it contains low rep compound movements as well as high rep isolation thereby giving great results in both strength and hypertrophy.

An Interesting Idea
If you have the time, this workout can be slightly modified so you can train twice a day. The way I did so was performing sets "A" in the morning and sets "B" in the afternoon, as well as increasing the number of sets by either 1 or 2 depending on energy levels.

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